The Walking Dead Season 5 Speculation: Does Abraham Ford lose his hand?

Hey to all of the fans of AMC’s hit TV Show, The Walking Dead!  The following story is very “spoiler-ish” and heavy speculation at this point so you have been warned!  Read at your own risk of infection! (Walking Dead humor..)











Anyone remember these pictures that Norman Reedus put on his Twitter and Instagram in September?

I Said Yes



These pictures sent the majority of the fans of AMC’s hit TV show, The Walking Dead into full-on “rage mode” at the thought of one of their most beloved characters losing his hand or even possibly dying when Reedus put these two pictures out into the social media landscape.  At the time Reedus played it off as a joke using the captions that I have placed with the photos making it seem as if the pictures were some big gag of Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero using a dead “walker” hand for a marriage proposal.  But if you start to dig deeper into this I believe there is an actual reason why this hand prop was on-set the day Reedus and Nicotero was joking around.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead comic books then you are aware that early on in the comic books the character of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln)  loses one of his hands in a fight with The Governor.


There has always been speculation that Rick Grimes may potentially lose one of his hands in the TV show.  Robert Kirkman has somewhat quieted this speculation by stating that this would be much more difficult within the TV medium based on the nature of how scenes are shot and the heavy emphasis that the show has on big action sequences.  I believe the answer to which character may potentially lose their hand is already starting to unfold and the hints were dropped during the latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Self Help”.

The character that will lose their hand in season 5 of The Walking Dead is……. Sergeant Abraham Ford!  Below are the reasons why I believe Abraham will lose his hand in the up-coming episodes of Season 5! 

In the latest episode, “Self Help” which will be recapped in full on our Walking Dead podcast, The Walking Naked, Abraham and the group dealt with the many troubles they were encountering on their travels to get Eugene safely to Washington D.C.. While on their journey Abraham Ford was battling many demons, in the current form of walkers, road blocks and lack of supplies while also facing the demons of his past.  These demons aren’t all that important in respect to the pictures that Norman Reedus released in September but they do help paint the picture of why Abraham will ultimately lose his hand.  During one of the flashback scenes we see of Abraham Ford, we see him brutally beating a man to death with a can of… let’s just say beanie weenies for the sake of the story.  Here is a shot of Abraham after the beating and the can in question.

Never knew beanie weenies packed that much punch…

This was a brutal scene and according to Michael Cudlitz who portrays Abraham on the show the scene was nearly censored.  It was seriously a brutal scene, and during the scene we start to notice that Abraham’s hand was severely injured. The most interesting aspect of the flashback scenes in regards to what was currently taking place during the present day scenes of the episode was that Abraham was continuing to do damage to his injured hand.  Now this wasn’t something I noticed during season 4 or the first few episodes of season 5 but the writers and directors were making a point to illustrate Abe’s injured hand.  There were numerous shots of him using his injured hand, Rosita stitching it up and bandaging the hand multiple times.  Here is a shot of Abraham’s injured hand in episode 5, “Self Help”:

Season 5 of The Walking Dead has stuck very close to storylines from the comic book with some of the actors’ lines being directly drawn from the comics so I do believe that Rick’s storyline from the comics will pop up at some point in the TV show and I think now is the perfect time to do it (sorry Abe).  In the finale of season 1 Dr. Jenner explained to Rick that we all have the disease that turns us into “walkers” within us and this is what I believe will happen to Abraham.  I don’t think that Abraham was bitten at all, but instead this will be a nice “tip of the hat” from the writers to the season 1 finale, with the gang having to lop off Abraham’s hand in order to save him.  We have seen this happen before:

With Hershel Greene

Hang out with Rick, you risk your limbs

 And everybody’s favorite redneck, Merle Dixon

But those were completely different circumstances than what we are going to see in the coming episodes, Hershel was bitten and Merle had to cut his hand off to escape.  Abraham Ford will be the first character that will have a limb removed because of the disease “within” us.  Need further proof that Sergeant Abraham Ford will indeed be the character to lose his hand, take a look at these shots of Abraham’s hand and the hand that was posted by Norman Reedus.

Notice the ring

Notice the ring and the hand was also left-handed

I think these pictures are very telling that Abraham will be the one to lose his hand this season, Rick and Abraham are the only two characters that wear wedding rings, couple that with Kirkman’s insistence that cutting Rick’s hand off would be too difficult to film and with the beating that Abraham’s hand has been taking lately in the above picture with Rosita, the “hacked off” hand that Reedus tweeted out is seeming more and more to look like one of Abe’s missing apendages.

I think this would serve as a very interesting “twist” to Abraham’s character arc.  In the comics and on the show Abraham is very bullheaded with his actions because he feels that he can overcome any situation with his  “brute strength”. Abraham has never had to rely on others for protection and with Eugene’s recent revelation that the “cure” was a lie in order to gain protection it would be very intriguing to see the different dynamics play out if Abraham was then forced to rely upon Eugene for protection in the “zombie apocalypse”.  I also think that Scott Gimple and the writers could make this work with one of the more ancillary characters in favor of attempting to follow the Rick comic storyline exactly, which we have seen them do numerous times on the show with characters that die on the show that are still a part of the comics and vice versa.

So what do you Walking Dead fans think?!?

Does Abraham lose his hand this season?!?

Or does another one of the cast members see this fate?!?

Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check out our Walking Dead podcast, The Walking Naked!  On Itunes and Stitcher!

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