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The Utinni-Cast: A Star Wars Podcast Episode 5: The Podcast Strikes Back

The Utinni-Cast is Film Dispenser’s bi-weekly (or semi-monthly) podcast concerning all things in, about and of the Star Wars universe.  Film, TV, Web series, Video Games, VR, Comic Books, Novels, Art, Amusement Parks, Action Figures, Legos, no topic is too small for your intrepid hosts Adam Kautzer and Spencer Howard to dissect and discuss.

After a brief break Spencer and Adam are back at it talking that Star Wars.  You’ll want to listen to the ComLink as the guys talk about Lucasfilm ensuring that Ron Howard is the SOLE director of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  The guys also talk about click bait-y “news pieces” concerning Star Wars.  Finally in the ComLink an update on listening to the From a Certain Point of View audio book and Spencer’s commitment to Audible.

In our main feature we’re talking Star Wars Rebels Season 4.  Don’t you worry, just because we’re behind on episode doesn’t mean we’re going to do a “catch up” episode and condense our conversation.  This is the Utinni-Cast.  We take things at our Sandcrawler pace.  So we’re picking up where we left off with the next two part episode titled “In the Name of the Rebellion”.  The episodes see the return of Saw, Mon Motha and the crew getting back together.  Has Rebels course corrected from the season premier that had Adam all agro (well, more agro than usual)?  Do the guys like U-Wings being the Chevy Panel Vans of the Star Wars Universe? Do we see Grand Admiral Donothing Thrawn do nothing (his actual first name suprisingly is Donothing, I totally looked it up on Wookiepedia)?  All these questions and more are answered in the podcast…


The ComLink

Rumors are Ron Howard has reshot more than 80% of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  We think of one of our favorite quotes from another science fiction film: “Why have one, when you could have two for double the price”. Bonus points to the Film Geek who names the film where the quote originated!

Spencer and Adam have a heart to heart about the ridiculousness of Click-Baity-Sorta-Spoilery articles out in the Interwebs concerning The Last Jedi, Rey’s Parentage and Luke Skywalker’s mental status.

Spencer finishes From a Certain Point of View, Adam is completely dragging like the Nerf Herder he is. All the same Spencer talks about the book and his commitment to Audible.

Main Feature

Star Wars Rebels Season Four Episode Three and Four: In the Name of the Rebellions Parts One & Two

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