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The B-Movie Isle: Top Ten Blu-Ray Releases of 2017

The B-Movie Isle/Adam takes stock of the year that was 2017 in home video releases and counts down the best the year has to offer.

It’s that time of year.  List time!!!  We take stock of the best and brightest in Blu-Ray and Home Video releases of the year.  2017 had its share of good and bad releases.  On the B-Movie Isle doing the numbers, we’ve reviewed approximately 110 video releases this year.  That’s not individual films but actual releases.  This felt like a banner year for boutique labels as we’ve gotten some great titles.  So much so that we’ve decided to do a top twenty list.  It’s a bit of a cheat because 20 – 11 are basically the runner’s up but we can do what we like here.

Without further adieu…

The Runner Up List:

20. Robocop 2 & Robocop 3 – Scream Factory

19. Wolf Guy – Arrow Video

18. Suspicious Death of a Minor – Arrow Video

17. Comes a Horseman – Twilight Time

16. House: The Complete Collection – Arrow Video

15. Paul Naschy Box Set 1 & Paul Naschy Box Set 2 – Scream Factory

14. Misery – Scream Factory

13. Stalker – Criterion Collection

12. Donnie Darko 15th Anniversary Box Set – Arrow Video

11. George A Romero Between Night and Dawn Box Set – Arrow Video

Now onto the Top Ten!

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