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Movies Based On a Video Game: Film Dispenser Favorites

What’s Your Favorite Movie Based On a Video Game?

This weekend will bring us Ratchet & Clank. There aren’t, if any, many great video games that became good movies. I still wanted to ask the crew “What are your favorite movies based on a video game?”


Greg (Loose Staples)

Mortal Kombat holds a place in my heart. As an adult I can admit it was not at all a great movie but it was a lot of fun. It followed the story laid out in the first game more or less. There were some fun martial arts, the theme song sticks in your brain, and it was just good entertainment. The following sequel became a campy mess of fan service but the original knew what it was and stuck to its guns.


Tim (Bi-Weebly)

There is only one movie that was made purely to cash in on the popularity of the series and yet still have one of the saddest scenes in cinema history in it. Pokémon: The First Movie. The main theme of the movie is about MewTwo trying to understand what he truly is. Is he merely a copy of Mew or is he actually his own self. However the movie dives even deeper on what’s the actual relationship between trainer and Pokémon. Are Pokémon just slaves at the beckon call of the trainer, or is there a deeper bond there that transcends friendship and is more of an extension of ones self. The end of the movie is where the heart wrenching scene of Pokémon, who should be getting along like the brothers they are, are fighting for no reason. Some people may scoff at the idea that Pokémon is nothing but mindless garbage children play with, but I think those people are dead wrong. With Pokémon celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, it’s astounding and yet understandable just how the series has remained as popular and influential as it is.


Spencer (Say Hello)

I looked through lists of video game movies and came to a conclusion. My favorite movies of childhood should stay there. So this answer is about a tiny Spencer watching terrible movies on loop. I loved Super Mario Bros. I knew it wasn’t like the games and I knew it was kind of icky, but Samantha Mathis was cute (I was so excited when she turned up in Broken Arrow) and they wore the suits. Then there was Double Dragon. Why did I watch this movie so much? I’m glad no one ever gave it to me but I know I rented it at least a dozen times. The line gets a little more blurred in my preteen years. I knew better than to like the Tomb Raider movies but Angelina Jolie was dreamy so why not? So those would be my favorites of yesteryear. But today, I can’t even. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has the best video game aesthetic I’ve ever seen but it’s based on a comic. So it goes. Here’s to Assassin’s Creed because Michael Fassbender is amazing and Warcraft looks terrible! (Please be good, Warcraft. Duncan Jones is too interesting to flop.)


Ryan (Automatic for the People)

It may be the worst of the bunch but Street Fighter leaves me with fond memories of it as a younger version of myself. I remember watching it with my brother and my dad, it was actually part of our Christmas at the Movies yearly tradition. No matter how bad it is, it will always connect me to that memory.


Bric (My Horrible Idea)

Silent Hill has to be my favorite video game based film. Unlike most horror based video games that are based on weapons and carnage, this one is rooted firmly in the psychological realm complete with religious themes and imagery. The film is a mother’s search for a lost child through seemingly endless rings of a purgatory that Would make Dante proud.


Adam (The B-Movie Podcast)

As with any film by the notorious French film maker the work is very Adult and should not be view by children. Enter the Void is Noe’s masterwork (thus far). Inspired by Doom, Counter Strike, and GTA, it is only Gaspar Noe that could take those inspirations and created a true work of art that you will either exalt or vilify. One would think that a film about an American drug dealer and his French sister in Japan, the afterlife, and questions of reincarnation would be the last film to be inspired by video games. You would be wrong. Noe was heavily influenced by the grammar and vocabulary of the above stated video games. The film is shot fluidly going in and out of First Person Shoot, to an over-the-shoulder third person, to a god’s eye view pushing in and out of the views much like the controls in a game like Battlefront. This film is so much inspired by video games, the opening title sequence alone is known to cause seizures!!!

Those are our favorite movies based on a video game. What are yours?

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