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Loose Staples (03/01/14)

Welcome back to Loose Staples, your place for news, reviews and opinions of the goings on in the comic book world. You can peruse The Spinner Rack to catch up on all the talk around the web, check out my opinions on the latest comics with Bagged & Boarded, or discover something you may have overlooked with Back Issues. Well, get going!

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The Spinner Rack

First and foremost, make sure you check out the latest episode of The Loose Staples Podcast! This week I’m joined by an old friend, Greg, who’s become a pretty devout comics reader in the last few years. We talk a bit about how that happened, lots of the Marvel Now (or All-New Marvel Now) relaunches/reboots, and a little bit of DC. We also ramble about other geeky stuff, but that’s pretty much par for the course at this point. Have a listen, check out our back catalog, and go give us a rating on iTunes!

Remember all those Dr. Strange rumours/reports from last week? Well Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President) has something to say about them! IGN has the interview.

DC will be sending all of its books into the future, by five years in fact. They’re also bringing back the lenticular covers. And launching an all new weekly digital tie-in title. CBR has all the info on the when!

Check out the Defenders press conference from New York!

THR’s Heat Vision blog reports that Jordi Malla (Riddick) is joining the cast of the Vince Vaughn film Term Life, based on the Image graphic novel.

Major Spoilers has a look at some of the covers for Marvel’s upcoming Original Sin event series.

Oops, looks like DC is launching TWO new weekly comics; Dan Abnett will be writing a tie-in comic for the Infinite Crisis video game. Bleeding Cool has the few details.

Speaking of Dan Abnett, looks like he’ll also be writing a Rocket Raccoon & Groot prose novel, coming this summer. Titled Steal the Galaxy, I’ll admit I’m pretty intrigued. Especially if there’s an audio version. Newsarama has some info from the author himself.

Check out this slot car set inspired by the 1966 Batman series. It’ll only set you back $110 on Amazon!


Sony has debuted the online game Endless Swing to tie into a movie that’s coming out that I’ve sworn myself to no longer discuss. It stars a web-slinging superhero, and it’s pretty cool. Go check it out.

The proposed Sandman adaptation has found its writer, Jack Thorne. Deadline has a bit more on it.

You thought we were done talking about Rocket Raccoon? Nope! The fuzzy one is going to be starring in his own title later this year from Skottie Young. MTV has what you need to know!

ComingSoon.net says we’ll see our first official look at the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in front of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

You may have missed it, but here’s the tease for the fake Blue Devil movie from this week’s Arrow. It was on the side of a bus, so, easy to overlook.


While there’s no official press release, Amazon has a pre-order listing for a Complete Series set of the awesome Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. For my money, it’s the best interpretation we’ve had of the character yet. Can’t wait to own it, on Blu-Ray no less.

Boom! Is bringing Big Trouble in Little China to the comics reading masses, and CBR has the details.

/Film has news that Patrick Wilson may be joining the cast of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film.

Bryan Hitch introduces his Real Heroes on CBR. I’m looking forward to finally checking out this series.

Because we could only have one X-Force team for just so long, Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna are unleashing a new team in his next Uncanny Avengers arc. Newsarama has a preview. Maybe spoilers.

Check out this trailer for indie cartoonist Jeffrey Brown’s latest, Kids are Weird. It’s adorable.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that we’re going to get a sneak peek at Avengers: Age of Ultron on Tuesday, March 18th, attached to an ABC special called Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe. March 18th is my birthday, this is my present. I guess you can all watch as well.

Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman are re-teaming for a 30th anniversary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles special, to be published by IDW sometime in 2014. The Heat Vision blog has more.

Some of the art from The Incredible Hulk #181 is being auctioned off via Heritage. If you’re super-rich, check it out.

We almost got an Avengers movie in the late ‘70s. Here’s the trailer. It’s terrible. And also the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. You really have to watch it. Paul Lynde as Loki! (I’m only like 50% sure this is a joke.)

Seems there might be a trademark battle regarding Supreme, Rob Liefeld’s superhero character. Bleeding Cool has the legalities.

The Spider-Man newspaper strip (which I didn’t know still existed, and is being written in-part by Stan Lee) is insane. That’s what Comics Alliance says, and after reading the article, I agree.

CBR’s Robot 6 has an interview with comics legend Dan Brerton. They discuss all manner of things, including his Nocturnals series, which is turning 20. I love his work, so I’m looking forward to whatever he’s doing next!

Top Shelf will be selling some of its excellent graphic novels digitally, directly, and DRM-free, as well as in print/digital bundles. Check out The Beat for more.

Bryan Singer put out a new X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser on Instagram. Go check it out.

Via Comic Related, here’s our first pic of Grant Gustin in his Flash digs.


I think Image Publisher Eric Stephenson’s recent speech at ComicsPRO is one of the best dissections of current comic culture I’ve read. Of course, it’s a little self-serving, but that doesn’t make it less true. You can read the whole thing over at Bleeding Cool.

Remember when Terry Gilliam was going to make Watchmen? Well, would-be producer Joel Silver told ComingSoon.net how his version would have ended, as well as a lot of other things.

Now, let’s read some comics!

Bagged & Boarded

 new warriors 1

New Warriors #1 (Marvel)

I’m a fan of the Warriors going way back to the original title, though I wasn’t much into the later incarnations. However, I’ve been reading and really enjoying the latest Nova title, and when they started hinting at bringing the team back, it sparked my interest once more. Written by Christopher Yost, with art by Marcus To, this first issue serves mostly as an introduction to the main cast, and the “big bad” that’s likely going to bring them all together. I won’t spoil that reveal, but I liked the mix of old and new members; Justice, Speedball and Namora, the new Nova, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird (a character I’m not familiar with), Sun Girl (also unfamiliar), and a character that appears on the cover, but not in the book (I guess we’ll get to him) make up the latest group. As I said, this issue is all set-up, so for anyone not semi-excited by another New Warriors title, it’s probably on the boring side. The opening and closing bits were enough to keep me with the book to see how a specific character and his machinations will work against this team, as he’s always been one I’ve had interest in. Again, not spoiling it. To’s art is pretty great, it fits the tone of the book perfectly, very light hearted and fun, and of course David Curiel’s colors certainly help. It’s a slow start, but it was enough to get me for at least this first storyline.


Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel)

It’s been a very long time since I picked up a Fantastic Four comic off the stands, possibly since the end of the Waid/’Ringo run so very long ago. Since then I’ve stuck to the occasional trade, just to drop in and see what Marvel’s First Family was up to. It did feel good to be reading a new story involving the group, one that I hadn’t been spoiled on, or had vaguely heard about. I went in to this Fantastic Four reboot fairly blind, and came out mostly enjoying it. Written by James Robinson, the story opens with all of the FF in a truly desperate place (no spoilers), and slowly gets to a point where we jump back in time to build us up to the appropriately titled arc, “The Fall of the Fantastic Four.” The tease of this huge chasm that has come between them is enough to keep me interested in the first storyline from Robinson, but the events that unfold in the rest of the issue are pretty cookie-cutter FF plots. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and it’s a good way to show just how far they’ve fallen, it’s just not that exciting for me. The issue does end with a little promise, and Leonard Kirk’s art is pretty great. Maybe not as detailed as I’d like, but it does remind me ever so slightly of ‘Ringo’s work on the series, and that’s enough to get me all nostalgic and overlook some flaws. It’s a slow start, and I hope it gets better, but there’s definitely promise here. (Yes, I could have just pasted my New Warriors review into this one, I know.)

pariah 1

Pariah #1 (Dark Horse)

Several genetically modified geniuses, known as “Vitros,” find themselves stranded on an outdated space station that seems to be sabotaged. Now they must work together to figure out how to get back to Earth, and not die in the process. With Gravity on the mind lately (it hit Blu-Ray this week, and may get some Oscar love on Sunday), the cover for this first issue certainly grabbed my attention. So much so that I was worried as I opened the book up, not anxious to read some retread of Cuaron’s fantastic film. While they do share a commonality in “space catastrophe,” as you can tell from that brief synopsis, that’s about it. Written by Philip Gellatt, created by producer Aron Warner, with art from Brett Weldele, it’s a book that sets up a pretty good mystery, and does a great job of taking it to some unexpected places. Weldele’s art, which I usually love, looks a little rushed here, but it does the job. After being disappointed by the first issue of The Fuse (see last week’s podcast), this was a really nice surprise.

Back Issues

I came to Daniel Way’s writing via one of the Wolverine books, and instantly took a liking to it. His interpretation of the character, as well as the crazy plots he ran him through, was more fun than the he had been in ages. Flash forward several years, and me returning to comics after a hiatus, and Way was writing one of my favorite characters, Deadpool. I started picking up his run right away, and pretty quickly got my hands on the entirety of it. Much like his Wolverine, I instantly dug his version of Deadpool, and it remains my favorite outside of the Joe Kelly run. Reading through those back issues, eventually I came across a character that had already had his time in the sun, but was completely new to me. Hit-Monkey. Pretty soon I was tracking down both the one-shot and three issue mini that Marvel published. Now, with the complete set, I’ve finally been able to dive in and read this crazy thing.

 hit monkey

A suited-up monkey who runs around killing killers is the kind of high-concept idea that I can really get behind. Add in a bizarre origin story (really, it’s too weird to even try to explain; it’s like The Jungle Book meets The Professional), and an eventual showdown with Bullseye, and I love the book before I even crack the cover. Fortunately, Way, and artist Dalibor Talijic, deliver on that lofty expectation. All four books are brimming with action, full of the nonsense you might expect from the premise, and even manage to pass a bit of morality along with all the inanity. I can see why it’s something that just sort of ran its course and was over, there’s just not much to it once you get past the premise, but I can also see why, apparently, the character was uber-hot for a good year or so, even showing up in the Marvel toy line. There is just something inherently cool, and simultaneously stupid, about a monkey in a suit carrying twin pistols and destroying mobsters at whim.  It’s been a few years though, so, with everything else getting some kind of re-boot/relaunch, who knows, maybe the furry executioner is next! Yes, yes, I know how his last appearance shook out, but, it IS Marvel.

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