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Live Action Disney Movies: Film Dispenser Favorites

What’s Your Favorite Live Action Disney Movie?

With the premier of The Jungle Book and a slate of live action remakes to come, I ask the team what are their favorite live action Disney movies.

Ryan (Automatic for the People)

Born Raised And Trapped! The B.R.A.T. Patrol is not exactly your normal Disney live action movie. It was a part of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color series and aired on CBS under The Disney Sunday Movie. It’s a childhood favorite that rivals The Goonies for me. It’s the cheap Goonies. My brother and I spent many hours wearing out a VHS tape of this movie. The full movie is on Youtube, If you’d like to give it a watch.


Greg (Loose Staples)

Flight of the Navigator. I fondly remember watching this over and over as a kid. Paul Reubens voicing the computer and doing a bit of his Pee Wee voice always amused me, though as a child I don’t know that I realized it was truly the same person behind the voice. It had everything my younger, and even my adult self, wanted. Time travel, a space ship. Peering into secret government facilities where they keep the alien tech. Generally a fun movie to watch.


Adam (The B-Movie Podcast)

Simple, The Rocketeer directed by Joe Johnston. Everything that first Captain Amercia is, is due in large part to this 1992 classic. Done in at the Box Office by Kevin Costner and his Robin Hood movie, and Cameron’s juggernaut that is/was T2. The Rocketeer deserves to be considered much more of a classic than a lot of other Disney movies. You can read my full piece and love affair with The Rocketeer right here.


Logan (Deadpool Daily)

We all think of Shia LaBeouf as a bit of a joke now, but every time I watch Holes it’s impossible not to see all the promise he held as a young talent. It helps that he’s surrounded by some truly excellent child actors and solid big name talent like Sigourney Weaver, Tim Blake Nelson and Jon Voight. Add to that a a great script that deals with some heavy themes in a nonchalant manner, and it’s an almost perfect movie. Also: Eartha Kitt FTW!


Tim (Bi-Weebly)

Not only is Heavyweights my favorite Disney movie, it’s also my favorite movie of all time. If you’re a fan of Ben Stiller’s character in Dodgeball, then you’ll love him in this because it takes that character and cranks it up by 100. Just thinking about it now, the quotes from it flow rapidly into my brain. If you google the movie then the first reviews you’ll see aren’t the most glowing; however, I’ve never actually met anyone who has seen the movie and not thought fondly of it in some way.


Spencer (Say Hello)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is the clear winner. The personal ranking of a live action Disney movie has everything to do with timing. How old were you when you saw it? Did your friends love it? And for me, would you still watch it? Well I own the first in this Depp-revival responsible pirate series on Blu-Ray and think it’s still good fun each time I watch it. Is it over-indulgent and long? You bet! But it gave us the only good insane Depp character of the new millennium and Keira Knightley in one movie. My high school self thanks it, and my adult self reveres it.


Bric (My Horrible Idea)

Escape to Witch Mountain is my favorite live action Disney film. I had read the book by Alexander Key and loved it, and the film showed me kids with really cool special powers fighting adults. It scared me because it was my first time seeing adults trying to exploit kids. I also loved the sequel and even the TV show!


Those are our favorite live action Disney movies. What are yours?

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