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Baseball Movies: Film Dispenser Favorites

What’s Your Favorite Baseball Movie?

With baseball season in full swing and the anniversary of “The House That Ruth Built” approaching, I asked the team what their favorite baseball movies were and why.

Ryan (Automatic for the People)

There are so many films to choose from it’s almost hard to pick. One stands out for me though, For Love of the Game. While baseball is a team sport it can be a very lonely team sport. I don’t know if Sam Raimi intended on anyone getting that message out of this movie but that was exactly what I got. If you love Kevin Costner’s baseball movies, or just like listening to Vin Scully announce a baseball game, give this one a try.

Akira (h3ll0fri3nd)

A League of Their Own. Amazing cast and great story within the history of the sport. And this film gave us one of the best movie quotes ever.

Tim (Stray Noir)

Rookie of the Year! I don’t tend to pay much attention to sports in general, but this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. Growing up the story felt really incredible because the main character was a kid like me. I still quote the movie to this day. The show Workaholics even referenced the movie on their show, but it has now caused people who have never seen the movie to just contribute the quote to the show. If anyone wants to watch a good funny baseball movie, then I highly recommend Rookie of the Year!

Bric (My Horrible Idea)

Field of Dreams is a great movie because it taps into so many aspects of what the American Dream used to mean. It teaches us that translating our dreams into reality is always taking a step away from normality, but in the service of a greater good. It also teaches us to listen to the voices in our heads…so there’s that too!

Spencer (Say Hello)

Major League. It’s not the most romantic about the sport or maybe even the “best” movie about baseball, but I can’t get tired of it. I think it’s because I don’t romanticize the sport that laughing at all of the weirdos on this team of cretins makes me laugh over and over again. It’s also got the right amount of underdog story cliches paired with the cheesiest team member cliches that I always find something to laugh at. It’s also one of the few times I don’t think Charlie Sheen is a total waste of screen time. It’s goofy fun and it always makes me think positively of baseball, a sport I watch a grand total of 5 minutes of per year.

Logan (Deadpool Daily)

Little Big League. On the surface it’s a stupid premise: a kid inherits the baseball team after the death of his grandfather. But, underneath that is a brilliant deconstruction of how we deal with so many of life’s hurdles; loss, success, failure, love, change, friendship and managing the worst team in the Major Leagues. I absolutely love this movie.

Those are our favorite baseball movies, what are yours?

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  1. Bryce Lee Wynn

    For childhood nostalgia, I’m going to say The Sandlot. I wore my Sandlot VHS tape out and ended up buying another one.

    For adult baseball films, I’m going to go with Bull Durham. I think Kevin Costner is awesome and that movie is so well-written. Plus it sports and romance. What could be better for a date night?

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