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Comic Book Movies: Film Dispenser Favorites

What’s Your Favorite Comic Book Movie?

Whether it’s Team Cap, Team Iron Man, or your just Team Fanboy, the film industry is ripe with comic book properties these days. Civil War hits the big screen this weekend so of course I wanted to know what the teams favorite comic book movies were.


Greg (Loose Staples)

Of the movies I enjoy, there are different reasons I like each one so this, for me is a bit of a tough choice. That being said, I think Guardians of the Galaxy would be a top choice. Marvel took a risk bringing the lesser known team to the big screen. Sure comic fans knew of them but ask the general public and most would have responded like Djimon Hounseu’s Korath to Star Lord, “Who?” So it was a leap of faith to make the movie which was fun, entertaining, and kicked off the cosmic portion of the MCU in a big way. I’m excited to see where the team goes next.


Bric (My Horrible Idea)

V for Vendetta…I like this book AND film because it reminds me so much of one of my favorite books as a kid “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I like prison narratives where someone else unjustly imprisoned escapes and exacts revenge. It appeals to my sense of justice. Plus there’s Hugo Weaving! It’s also got a dash of Orwell’s 1984 and fearful nods to Homeland Security and Rendition. Also those Guy Fawkes masks are now and forever a part of our pop culture. Just a great book and an entertaining, albeit frightening film.


Ryan (Automatic for the People)

When X-Men hit the big screen no one was more excited than I was. It blew me away! Knowing sequels don’t often live up to the first movie, I still had hope for X2. Well, if X-men was an explosion of my favorite comic to big screen greatness, X2 was an atomic bomb of character development, world building, and the most fun I’ve ever had at the movies. In my opinion it is one of the best sequels of all time, and one of my favorite movies of all time.


Logan (Deadpool Daily)

So many good ones, but I’m going to stick with the spirit of the question and stay in the superhero genre. I think The Winter Soldier has to be my choice, though the first Captain America comes really close. Evans gets the earnestness of the character so perfect that it makes it impossible not to believe in him and what he stands for. There’s nothing jingoistic or conquering about him. In the first film he says “I don’t want to kill anyone, I just don’t like bullies.” And Winter Soldier pays that off in such a unique and game-changing way. It’s the first superhero film since The Dark Knight that I think can be held up as something that transcends the genre. It’s filled with fantastic performances, and give the Russo Bros. credit, they were able to remold Black Widow into a truly compelling character and give Sam Wilson the defining moments that were denied Rhodey in the Iron Man films. It’s action-packed, funny, even devastatingly romantic at times, add that to the intrigue and thrilling plot developments and every other film in the lexicon starts to utterly pale in comparison.


Spencer (Say Hello)

I love The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises may be the most important comic book movie to me personally. However, I watch Dredd two or three times a year. I’ve got the Mondo Blu-ray. I’ve got the giant double sided movie poster. And every time Karl Urban says there might be a sequel I get giddy. The thing missing from so many comic book movies is the simplicity of action movie storytelling. Dredd has all the mythos and style of a comic film with the Judges, the Megacities, the telepaths, and the cool guns. But then it takes it a step further and makes one bad ass cop movie in that world. It’s an action movie where the fights work, the gun play thrills, and the good guys are tough as nails and the bad guys are as evil as they come. This is the epitome of good clean storytelling in a comic book based world and there’s nothing much like it from the comic book based world of cinema. I’m looking forward to the day when an X-Men movie opens with him getting stuck in an unknown facility with Arcade putting them through the most dangerous obstacles possible in a thrilling 90-minute escape movie. It’s not coming, but I’ll always have Dredd.


Tim (Bi-Weebly)

While Spider-Man may be my #1 Superhero, my favorite comic book movie has my #2 favorite. The movie is Kick-Ass and that hero is Hit-Girl. I still remember the exact moment I first heard about the movie. Spencer and I were getting lunch at our usual spot while catching up and he was so excited to tell me about this incredible movie. When I finally got a chance to see it, it lived up to the hype and then some. I loved everything about this movie, from the graphic violence to the really crass yet perfect expletives. The visuals had a very bright pop to the colors that helped to make it feel like you were seeing the comic come off the pages and onto the screen. It was the first collaboration between the director Matthew Vaughn and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar. While the movie has a definite fan base, their second collaboration on Kingsman definitely had more publicity and people see it. The movie does have some book differences especially regarding the ending, but it doesn’t effect my enjoyment of either. I’ve watched the movie numerous times and have even had it playing in the background while I clean around my apartment. If you’re a fan of graphic violence, profanity and seeing a little girl do both to tons of bad guys, then this movie is right up your alley.

Those are our favorite comic book movies. What are yours?

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