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Bi-Weebly #6: Anime Games E3 2016

Welcome to Bi-Weebly, FilmDispenser’s bi-weekly column about all things anime and occasionally manga brought to you by the site’s very own resident weeb himself, Tim!

After returning from a full week of E3 announcements, let’s dive into a few of the noteworthy games that should be on our weeb radars!

Of all the series that I’ve daydreamed the most about being turned into a game is hands down Attack on Titan. Just the thought of having the ability in a game to fly through the air while fighting ginormous monsters is almost enough to sell preorders. With that said, the E3 trailer really is just an announcement of the US release date and showing us clips of characters in game. The game has already been out for a few months in Japan, but is only now coming overseas. Besides having a decent looking art style, all the gameplay I have seen so far doesn’t look as though it will be as up to par as one would hope. The speeds at which the characters go while using the 3D maneuverable gear to fly through the city looks fine, but when fighting a titan your character goes into an orbiting movement around the titan and slows down significantly. This orbiting game mechanic combined with no real need to attack any spot on the titan besides the neck gives the game a simple feeling. I’ll try to reserve my complete verdict until I can get some actual hands on time with the game, but until then I’m going to remain pessimistic about the title. The trailer includes a plot spoiler so if you haven’t seen the show and don’t wish to be spoiled then do not watch. The game releases on August 30th, 2016 and you can Pre-Order it here.

Next up is actually two versions of a game which are the sequel to Yo-Kai Watch. The two titles are Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls. Everything is bigger this time around with a larger world and larger battles. Of course these things wouldn’t be complete with brand-new Yo-Kai to find in game to befriend and battle with. The plot of the campaign includes discovering the origin of the Yo-Kai Watch and even traveling back in time to 60 years ago. Both versions of the game will be available on the 3DS on September 30th, 2016. You can Pre-Order Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls here.

Third we have a game in the Fate universe titled Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. While the color palette seems to change from stage to stage, all have a dark richness to them that it extremely interesting to look at. The gameplay looks very similar to Dynasty Warriors type of combat, which causes me to wonder what the developer Marvelous Inc. will bring to the table to differentiate itself from other games that feel like cheap Dynasty Warrior knockoffs.

Next we have a follow up to the JRPG Tales of Zestiria in this new game Tales of Berseria! The trailer features no gameplay, but instead decides to show off in-game cut scenes and a music overlay. The scenes cut back and forth between in-game graphics and anime style graphics, which I’m curious if it will remain the same in the final game. Tales of Berseria hits Japan on August 18th, 2016, and has a North American and European release date for the PS4 and PC in early 2017.

For all those out there who just can’t get enough of their favorite Vocaloid, this year’s E3 has you covered! Hatsune Miku is back in her new game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X. This time around there are even more songs and challenges to test your skills while you’ help Miku and her friends restore light to the world. You can create your own concert melody, play fun activities with Miku or even turn on Free Play mode to play the traditional Project DIVA mode. While the game is already available on the PSVita in Japan, the PS4 version is debuting in Japan on August 25th, 2016, and in North America on August 30th, 2016. To make sure you can sing along with Miku, then you should make sure to Pre-Order your copy here!

Lastly there is one more game I would like to mention because of the popularity size behind the franchise. This would be the game adaptation of the series Berserk. No actual gameplay is shown in the trailer, but inside you are shown a fairly short cinematic sequence. Also no release date is given besides a “Coming Soon” title card. Because of the incredibly disturbing sexual nature of the trailer, I will only provide a link for those who wish to view it at their own risk.


If you found a game that you hadn’t heard of before or if I left out a game in my list, then don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comments or tweet at me!

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Now to go sleep for a few days to recuperate from all these E3 announcements and traveling!
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