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Bi-Weebly #1: Top 3 Upcoming Spring 2016 Anime

Welcome to Bi-Weebly, FilmDispenser’s new bi-weekly column about all things anime and occasionally manga brought to you by the site’s very own resident weeb himself, Tim!

For those of you who are uninitiated to the spectacular, terrifying, feels inducing and sometimes just down right weird world of anime, the name of the column is a play on the words “weeaboo” (“weeb” for short) and bi-weekly. A weeaboo is someone who becomes so obsessed with Japanese culture that they stop caring about the outside world and their own culture. So combined with the column coming out on a bi-weekly schedule, you have Bi-Weebly!

To start things off this first week, I’m going to cover three upcoming shows that I’m looking forward to this Spring 2016 anime season and hopefully you will be too by the end!

Given that my first appearance on the site was on the “S.H.I.E.L.D. Your Ears” Podcast, I find it only fitting that the first anime I’ve chosen is My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)! In the universe of My Hero Academia, 80% of the population has powers called “Quirks.” The main protagonist is a middle school student named Izuku Midoriya who is obsessed with becoming a superhero even though he doesn’t have a Quirk. One day Izuku is finally given a chance to become the hero he dreams by his favorite superhero giving him powers. Now that his world has changed, he enrolls himself into a hero training school and begins his adventure. The show has a vibrant color that adds so much to the show that it’s a shame the manga is in black and white. Bones is the studio behind the show and their previous work includes Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater and Space Dandy. Those shows along with so many other great choices I could of named helps to solidify My Hero Academia as a show you definitely should keep your eye on this season. My Hero Academia has been out for about a week now and is available to watch at Funimation.

Second we have a nice slice of life with a comedic, supernatural twist, Flying Witch! This series is about Makoto Kowata, a 15-year-old witch, who along with her cat Chito leave the city of Yokohama and move in with her cousins in northern Japan. If you can’t seem to grasp the initial plot, then think Kiki’s Delivery Service, but instead of opening up a business, Makoto is going to finish school. Yoshiaki Dewa, who has done music for shows including A Lull in the Sea which I finished recently and enjoyed his work, will be doing the music for the show. His score combined with the lovely art style gives off a pleasing aesthetic that will be refreshing on the pallet after coming from watching the vibrant and explosive My Hero Academia. The studio behind this show is J.C.Staff, who had some of the hottest shows last year like Food Wars! and Shimoneta. You should definitely put Flying Witch on your watch list if you’re in the mood for a funny, little slice of life. You can watch Flying Witch starting on April 9th on Crunchyroll!

Finally, the third anime is Hunter x Hunter! Technically it isn’t new, but Viz Media has finally made a dub and it will be airing on Toonami starting April 16th. Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite shows with one of the catchiest opening songs around so I am excited to have a reason to rewatch! The main character of the show is a boy named Gon Freecss whose father left him at a young age and his mother died mysteriously long ago. In this universe there are people known as Hunters who become experts in whatever field they put their mind to. To become a Hunter you have to pass an incredibly rigorous physical and mental test. Not only do an incredibly small percentage of people actually pass the test, but several people won’t make it out of the test alive. Some people take the test because they genuinely want to become Hunters, while others are in it for the great wealth that becoming a Hunter holds. Gon sets off to become a Hunter in order to track down his father who is a Hunter himself and along the way meets some life long friends. While the incredibly entertaining fight scenes and interesting story arcs are plenty enough to keep you watching, the bond between these friends (Especially Gon and Killua) is by far the best aspect of the show. From the outside you may expect a cute harmless show, but I guarantee you’ll get hooked and that’s when the true dark emotions will start to appear and hurt you deep in your feels. One last thing I’d also like to point out is that this dub is for the 2011 remake of the anime and not the 1999 version.

Well I hope my choices piqued your interest and maybe even helped you find your new favorite show. If you have any questions or just want to let me know what anime you’re currently watching, then don’t hesitate to leave them below or tweet at me.

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If you start watching and can’t wait for more, then consider using our Amazon link to get the My Hero Academia and Hunter x Hunter manga! This way while you’re getting caught up on your new favorite series, we’ll be able to keep the power on and keep bringing you new series suggestions!

Now it’s time for me to go back to marathoning anime and hopefully finding time to write about what you should watch next!

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