Between – S01Ep02 Recap

What’s up guys and welcome to Fenced In the unofficial Between podcast! This podcast will be your guide through the outbreak that has hit our little town of Pretty Lake. Each week Ryan and Tim will recap the episode along with the web series Between Video Yearbook and talk about what we think will happen next in the show.
Tim and Ryan talk about the drama and tensions building in this week’s episode of Between. They also finally get to see the first 3 web series episodes for the show and talk about their feelings on it.
You can find Timothy on Twitter @Timothay
You can find Ryan on Twitter @Polk79
You can also tweet the actual Between show @betweenseries and use #BetweenTheFences to tell them you like our podcast! Or you can go watch Between Video Yearbook and extra clips on their site http://www.citytv.com/toronto/shows/between/
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