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The B-Movie Podcast: Welcome to the (Asphalt) Jungle – Trespass

This double feature is in honor of Shout Factory’s newest Shout Select release, TRESPASS!

We continue our Season of the Hill with director Walter Hill’s Trespass.  Released only seven months after the LA Riots and on Christmas day to boot, Trespass was a film was bound to fail.  Failure never begets quality especially in B-Movielandia.  This may be one of the angriest films that Hill has ever directed.  The film, though angry, is clear eyed on never really taking a side in this tale of greed, gold and violence.  One can ably root for Vince (Paxton) and Don (Sadler) the fire fighters looking for fortune in all the wrong places.  One can also root for King James (Ice-T), Savon (Ice Cube) and the rest of the crew in getting James’ brother Lucky (Devoreaux) back.  No one is right and everyone’s wrong in this situation.  Walter Hill loves every second of the moral quagmire presented in this film.  As always Hill clean and efficient style only helps the script by The Bob’s (aka Used Cars and 1941 filmmaking/screenwriting geniuses Bob Gale and Robert “Bob” Zemeckis).  By the time the burning down the house style finale begins you’ll be fully invested in one side winning.  The surprising (not so surprising) ending should leave you smiling.

* Season of the Hill is what I’m calling the addition of many of Hill’s under/over seen films to the Summer/Fall lineup of the podcast.  Films covered so far: 48 HRS.Streets of Fire and now Trespass.  More Films to come!!!

Release Year: 1992

Director: Walter Hill

Writer(s): Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis

Cast of Note: Ice Cube, Bill Paxton, William Sadler, Ice T, Art Evans, De’voreaux White, Bruce A Young, Tommy Lister Jr.

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