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The B-Movie Podcast: The TCM Film Festival 2017 Round Up

Buckle up folks.  We’re changing it up here in B-Movielandia.  It’s about to get classy on the Podcast.  It’s April which means its Festival time!  Specifically, the TCM Film Festival, which is my favorite film festival (shhh, don’t tell anyone).  Rather than watching new films, it’s four days of classic and neo-classic cinema.

The biggest problem with the festival is that all goes too quickly.  This particular Film Festival could go a full week and I would not tire of it.  The chance to see films in a new light it an almost too intoxicating proposition to pass up.  It’s nirvana for anyone that loves cinema and film.  This year’s festival was as much about discovery as it was about re-contextualizing films for me.  Discovering a French made anti-war film or watching a Kubrick film with fresh eyes.

This year as in years prior the festival is the perfect counter point to normal movie going experiences.  TCMFF allows you to lose yourself in past cinema.  To see classic films the way they were designed to be seen; on the biggest screen possible in a packed house.  Often time’s reviewers and audiences nowadays are so focused on being the first person to see a film it’s become a sport.  I am guilt of this.  The TCM Film Festival is there to remind those that have forgotten that film viewing or critiquing is not a race to be first.  Film is not a race.  Film is an art.  TCMFF reminds all those that go of this very fact.

Films Covered: Panique, Broadcast News, Twentieth Century, Zardoz, Stalag 17, The Last Picture Show, King of Hearts, Dr. Strangelove, Postcards from the Edge 

Topics of discussions:  My favorite film of the festival?  My favorites Q&A?  The screening that adjusted my thoughts on a film? Best Audience reaction? Favorite moment of the festival? Biggest regret? 

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