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The B-Movie Podcast: Standing Room Only – Maximum Overdrive

This SRO is all about stupidity.  Maximum Overdrive is the brilliant stupidity of Stephen King at the height of his power as an entertainment enterprise.  At this point he’d sold his novels to just about everyone in town, from Steven Spielberg to Dino De Laurentiis.  In fact it’s De Laurentiis that we must thank for this amazing piece to cinema.  He was the one that gave King the reigns to direct this technology run amuck story.  Maximum Overdrive looks, sounds, feels and even smells like a Cannon Film venture… though it’s not. It’s just De Laurentiis’ inability to understand American Culture fully and his views just coming out slightly skewed (much like the Italian Knock-off cinema).  Grab your favorite alcoholic libation (if you’re into that), the buttery-est popcorn you can find and a bag of M&M’s cause this SRO is built to entertain.  Bonus points to Maximum Overdrive for an entire score by AC/DC.

Release Year: 1986

Director: Stephen King

Writer(s): Stephen King

Cast of Note: Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, Christopher Murney, Yeardley Smith, Frankie Faison, Giancarlo Esposito, Leon Rippy, Stephen King

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