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The B-Movie Podcast: Space Vampires and Scorned Mummies – The Mummy (2017)

Did think that we’d be discussing a 2017 release on the Podcast (not on a SRO) did you?  That’s just how we do it here at the B-Movie Podcast.  This should be an interesting one as Kurtzman’s The Mummy feels like Lifeforce’s cousin. They have so many similarities in the stories they’re telling it’s almost shocking.

So, this will probably be a controversial opinion but I really dug The Mummy reboot.  It could be that we’re unabashed TC fans at the B-Movie Podcast.  The man is one of the last of the Super Stars still making big budget tent pole pictures.  The Mummy has him getting into the Extended Universe game with Universal Horror Movies.  What’s nutty about the film is that it’s essentially Fatal Attraction Mummy-style with Sofia Boutella’s Princess Ahmanet acting all Glenn Close for Tom Cruise.  To further make things a little loony is Jake Johnson doing his best Griffin Dunne form American Werewolf in London.  The fact that Tom Cruise is playing someone supposedly in his late 30s to early 40s (which he’s been doing since 1995).  The best crazy touch is Crowe playing Jekyll as a posh Brit and Hyde as a crooked Cockney Gangster.  Yes, it’s that kind of movie. The kind of movie we love here.  We may never get another one of these big budget Universal Monster Movies.  Let’s enjoy this one.  Crazy enough for you to wonder how the heck it got out of the studio system.  Thankfully for all us in B-Movielandia the answer is simple: Tom Cruise.

Release Year: 2017

Director: Alex Kurtzman

Writer(s): Jon Spaihts, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet, David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, Dylan Kussman

Cast of Note: Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Russell Crowe

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