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The B-Movie Podcast: Marshall-ing On – Arachnophobia (1990)

For my money, Comedy Horror is ultimately the hardest genre to create a successful film in.  There are so few that actually work.  A handful of them are truly successful at balance of equal amounts of horror and comedy; Evil Dead II, American Werewolf in London, Ghostbusters, Shaun of the Dead, Dead-Alive, and Ravenous.  We can add Frank Marshall’s  Arachnophobia to that list. This is the first horror film that I saw that actively made me laugh and shriek in equal measure (yes, I wasn’t a teenager yet and a late bloomer to horror).  I still remember seeing the film for the first time in a packed house at a special Saturday Sneak Peak (remember when Studios used to do that, show a film on a Saturday night two weeks before opening).  The way the theater’s temperature rose as the film played out.  How the laughter came out in nervous bursts.  The film freaked my sister out so much that my mother had to leave the theater and go see something else, much to her dismay.  Frank Marshall with his feature film debut as a director makes one of the unsung horror comedy classics in Arachnophobia.

Release Year: 1990

Director: Frank Marshall

Writer(s): Don Jakoby, Al Williams, Wesley Strick

Cast of Note: Jeff Daniels, John Goodman, Julian Sands, Peter Jason, Brian McNamara, Harley Jane Kozak, Garette Ratiff Henson, Marlene Katz, James Handy, Henry Jones

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