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The B-Movie Podcast: Hot & Dirty – Hustle and Flow

The first film of our double feature is 2005’s Hustle and Flow!

Before Howard and Henson were the powerhouse dynamo couple on Empire, they were in Craig Brewer’s fantastic Hustle & Flow.  Brewer has created a the definitive “Pimp With a Dream” film that even ellipses The Mack (yes… high praise) which up until this point was the apex of that specific subgenre.  Brewer understands music better than any director currently.  This is the first of his trilogy of musical-non-musical films, and arguably his best.

Release Year: 2005

Director: Craig Brewer

Writer(s):  Craig Brewer

Cast of Note: Terrence Howard, Traji P. Henson, Anthony Anderson, Tarin Manning, Ludacris, Isaac Hayes

Hustle and Flow is available on Blu-Ray via Amazon, Amazon Streaming, iTunes

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