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The B-Movie Podcast: Glamorous – Velvet Goldmine (1998)

For this double feature we have a special guest; Fellow Film Dispenser staff writer Marie!  We’re taking it back to the UK in the 1970’s and a tumultuous but Glamorous time where Glam Rock brought Gay Rights and Gender issues to the forefront.

As people praised Todd Haynes Carol in 2015, I was left to wonder why there were no critics to champion his great 70’s Glam Rock semi-biopic Velvet Goldmine back in ’98.  Forgotten by most critics, with the exception of a vocal minority.  This is Haynes at his most relaxed and fun.  The story of David Bo… I mean Brian Slade (Rhys Meyers) as told by the people that knew and loved him.  Bale is great as a tightly wound journalist tasked on the 10 year anniversary of Slades disappearance to do a PR piece.  McGreggor is on fire as Lou Re… I mean Kurt Wild the American singer with a health amount of love for Slade and heroin.  Eddie Izzard shows up in a brilliant visual ode to Oliver Reed and Toni Collette shows why she’s an international treasure.  Haynes gives everything (including the sexuality) a very matter-of-factly tone that benefits the film a great deal.  Sharply directed and astutely observed the film gets small moments right as much as it does the larger moments.

Release Year:  1998

Director: Todd Haynes

Writer(s): Todd Haynes

Cast of Note: Christian Bale, Ewan McGreggor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Toni Collette, Eddie Izzard, Janet McTeer

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