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The B-Movie Podcast: Episode 150 Part 1 – Raiders of the Lost Ark (at the Hollywood Bowl)

150 episodes calls for something special.  A two part episode.  This is the first part is all about Raiders of the Lost Ark at The Hollywood Bowl.  But don’t you dare call it Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It’s just Raiders or Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The best adventure film of the last forty years. Steven Spielberg masterpiece of economic storytelling.  There is so much to unpack with this brilliant film.

The Hollywood Bowl for their “Summer Series” have started these live orchestration accompaniment on classic Blockbusters.  Call it what you will; providence, fate, good timing.  An event of this magnitude fell perfectly timed.  This is perfect for the Podcast and one of our special episodes.  This fact only dawned on me sitting down with fifteen thousand other fans to watch what is essentially a Drive-In showing on steroids.  Raiders at the Hollywood Bowl is the perfect thing to talk about for our century and half mark.

The film has discussed and dissected at length by so many other Critics, Bloggers, Podcasters et. al.  We will do our best to give less of the rhetoric that many people talk about when talking about this seminal film.  From Harrison Ford and the inner life he gives to Indy.  To his friendship with Sallah.  To the fact that Indy is one of the biggest Type A personalities bastards of all time.  To everything behind Belloq’s decision to be a collaborator with the Nazis.  All of it is getting talked about along with the experience of seeing it at the Hollywood Bowl with orchestration by David Newman (of Galaxy Quest fame).

Release Year: 1981

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer(s): George Lucas, Philip Kauffman, Lawrence Kasdan

Cast of Note: Harrison Ford, Paul Freeman, Karen Allen, John Rhys-Davies, Ronald Lacey, Denholm Elliot, Anthony Higgins, Alfred Molina

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