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The B-Movie Podcast: Episode 150 Part 2 – Getting to Know Your Host

This all began with our first Podcast posted on April 13, 2016.  It seems almost unreal we’re at episode 150.  For the last 149 episodes we’ve been on this weird and wonderful journey of discovery and curation of B-Movies.  It breaks down to some pretty interesting statistics:

1 year 3 months 24 days

480 days

188 Films Discussed

150 Episodes

78 Hours of content

4 Guest Co-Hosts

1 Interview

1 Commentary

Time flies when you’re having fun watching a lot of B-Movies.  The B-Movie Podcast (along with The B-Movie Isle) is pure unadulterated joy and bliss.  I spent a lot of my “movie time” (probably 55% if we’re being all metric-y) is occupied in this cult, exploitation, forgotten film space.  Reading articles, books, listening to other Podcasts, watching other films, writing reviews, showings, going on YouTube deep dives, basically a lot of research for the Pod.  It’s all out of love and never feel like it’s a waste of time.  It all informs on the podcast.  It’s like they say; find something you love… yadda-yadda-yadda.

Often times when I tell someone I run/curate a Podcast about B-Movies they say, “Oh, you like bad movies.”  You and I both know how infuriating this is.  B-Movies are not bad.  They may be strange. They may not work and fall apart at the end.  They may be a lot of things but ut saying that B-Movies are Bad is someone refusing to look beyond the norm.  That’s fine.  They’re not in the club.  They’re not the Uncool like we are.  There’s something about the film geeks who love B-Movies.  They are the most articulate, funny, fun and open movie geeks this side of Horror Geeks.**

That entire preamble to tell you that today’s episode is something different. Some of you have been here for all 150 episodes and have gotten a sense of me through side comments and bits I discuss while discussing the film.  I try to keep it to a minimum but notice that people do find this interesting.  I’ve culled a few questions aggregation sites that I’m going to answer about myself on the pod. Various questions about films and fandom in general.  A way for you to get to know me a bit better as I’ve talked about me a bit but maybe you wanted to know more about me and my movie tastes.  So, enjoy the discussion.

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**Side note; much love to us B-Movie Geeks but Horror Geeks got us beat hands down as some of the best fans in cinema.  Don’t believe me?  What other fan base actively looks at new micro budget features and shorts to get their fix?  What other will watch anything within their genre?   Who else stands in line for six hours for a chance at a few minutes and an autograph by Tony “Candyman” Todd!  No one!!!  Much love to our Horror Geek Brothers and Sisters.

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