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The B-Movie Podcast: Who am I, I am me? – Enemy

We have a special guest, Marie O’Sullivan from the site joining us this week to discuss Enemy.

We have a first with this double feature; a double feature completely curated by someone else.  Our guest this week Marie curated this specific double feature.  We begin with Enemy aka the ascent of Jake Gyllenhaal to one of the premier working actors today. A tricky slippery thriller that feels more of a palette cleanser for Denis Villeneuve before turning to Arrival and Blade Runner 2049.  Only his second English language film Villeneuve shows a beautiful grasp of language in a way that would serve him well in Arrival.  Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a college professor, who through a conversation with another teacher watches a film.  This film gives him a glimpse at his doppelgänger.  What that simple moment begins is a film that is both literal and figurative.  This is a film that you may find sleight upon your first viewing as Villeneuve’s touch is strange as David Lynch with metaphor and allusions running as rampant as the spider imagery that liters the film.  This film taps into a male anxiety that looks at both the Alpha and Beta tendencies of the male species.  This specific theme is perfectly modulated by Gyllenhaal’s dual performances as Anthony and Adam.  Or is it a dual performance?  Completely forgotten by most this film demands to be discussed and revisited especially on the eve of the director’s biggest venture yet.  Listen to the episode as Marie and I get all kinds of spoiler-y with the plot of this short but very dense film.

Release Year: 2013

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer(s): Javier Gullon, Jose Saramago

Cast of Note: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini, Kedar Brown, Darryl Dinn, Joshua Peace

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