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The B-Movie Podcast: The AFI Film Festival Journal

Special Programming Notice: There will be only one podcast this week as the audio journal is well over 95 minutes.

The title should speak for itself.  We are classing up the joint for a bit.  We’re dusting off the red carpet and our ill-fitting tuxedo for a tour around the A-List world of movies.  I’m back from the AFI Film Festival that was held from November 9th to November 16th of this year.  In that time I got to see 13 films as I juggled both my normal duties as a civilian (e.g. work and personal life wait for no person).  This episode is my audio journal of the experience.  You will notice the various quality of audio because they were recorded in different places and at different times.

Below are the films discussed, albeit briefly and spoiler free.  Each of these entries has a link to my review for Film Dispenser.  I’ve got a little bit of everything for everybody here.  Korean police thrillers, big budget war films, westerns, documentaries, films about artists, comedies and some of the best 2017 has to offer.  I talk about the Festival itself, the experience, the lines, how to stay away from garbage junk food, making sure to stay hydrated and most of all to always have a Plan B-C-D-E. I also discuss what my favorite part of a festival is (not what you think).  This year was a bumper ride than 2016 and you’ll hear me get a bit cankerous over it. It all turns out happy in the end but it was a bumpier ride than expected.

Buckle up for the ride that is 2017 AFI Film Festival:

The Shape of Water


Claire’s Camera

Mr. Roosevelt


Cinematic Storytelling: A Conversation with Christopher Nolan

Fits and Starts



Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

Madame Hyde

The Ballad of Lefty Brown

I, Tonya

Favorite Performances of the Festival

Favorite Films of the Festival

Opening and Closing Music: The Shape of Water Main Title by Alexander Desplat

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