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The B-Movie Isle: Looking to 2017

The B-Movie Isle/Adam take a look ahead at 2017 and what could be B-Movie worthy entries for the year in film.

The B-Movie Isle:  Films looking forward to in 2017

As we head into 2017 and new releases are just beginning to ramp up we thought it was a good time to discuss what we’re excited about in 2017.  These films we feel have the potential or are already hovering around the B-Movie stratosphere.  Some are off the charts at how B-Movie they will be.  Others are more unassuming.  Others have the mass potential for failure from B-Movie to Z-Movie (which isn’t a good thing).  They are all endeavors we are looking forward to with the highest regard.

Let’s get started:

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – January 27th

We love Paul WS Anderson without any irony.  Yes, we can agree that he’s made some bad films (Aliens v. Predator) but he’s also made some truly underrated B-Movie awesome sauce (Event Horizon, Death Race).  The Resident Evil series is something of a strange weird bit of mania that we love here.  Zombies, Corporate espionage, Complex narrative mythology, Insane turns, Insan-ier endings, 3D!!!  I say again, what is not to love here!  We cannot wait to see Milla Jovovitch do some serious butt kicking as it’s been far too long.

Renegades – February 3rd

A Besson joint!  This one produced and written rather than directed by the Frenchman.  I have an undying affection for his particular brand of Action films.  They feel like a Euro version of 80’s and 90’s era Joel Silver produced action films.  There’s a grit and grime along with a veneer of trashy polish that I just dig.  Here, a concept I actually toyed with back in the early 00’s as a trying to make it Screenwriter: a group of Navy SEALs hunt for treasure.  B-Movie super stars Sullivan Stapleton, JK Simmons lead the way.

War on Everyone – February 3rd

John Michael McDonagh like his brother has created a uniquely impressive filmography.  The Guard and Cavalry are both impressive in very different ways.   War on Everyone appears that McDonagh is a huge fan of Freebie and Bean as it looks like a modern update.  One can hope at a minimum for that but those that are aware of McDonagh’s work, come to expect more as there will always be.

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