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Would you like to have your pop culture loving voice heard? Do you like having your eyes and ears filled with our love of pop culture and want to support us? Want to be a part of the crew? Want to write that one thing you always wanted to write about your favorite character from that one thing? Want to show up on a podcast and tell us why Orphan Black is must watch television?

Welcome. We are Film Dispenser, and we’d like to meet you.

I have decided to change the tone and format of how we operate here at FilmDispenser.com. Our goal has always been to be a positive force of pop culture discourse on the ever heated internet. We want you to be a part of that conversation. You’ve got a voice. Use it.

Our process will be very simple. Do you have an idea or a completed post? Want to write about film or TV or comics or anything pop culture related? Email me directly: FilmDispenser@gmail.com. Want to do a podcast? Record a first episode, send me an e-mail with the details and attach the first episode.

I will respond within 48 hours and we’ll go from there.

You will own your content. Meaning, if you want to share it around on your personal blog or another website, feel free. We’d love a link pointing to our post, but we won’t require it.

Let us help get your voice out there.

Another thing we’re opening up to is creation. I created a short film some time ago and shared it here. The discussion was fun and it was cool to have a place for it to live along with my Vimeo page. I’m not working on a radio drama and will be posting short stories from time to time. If you’ve got the next the next big web comic or book, we’d love to help you get it in front of people.

Email me, let’s work together.

-Spencer Howard – The Dude Who Started It

What’s Film Dispenser?

FilmDispenser.com is a loving family of Pop culture obsessives. We’re obsessed with the same stuff you are and we have a warm seat for you at our table. Our expert team of podcasterswriters, and critics consistently bring their A-game to produce expert-level, insightful content on everything you love to watch.

But we’re just half the family…we want you here. Your contribution to this community is as important to us as our contribution is to you, and you’ll find us all alarmingly responsive. If you fall in love with anyone in particular, get involved with them below.

Who Are We?

Hang With Our Team – @FilmDispenser or:

The Dispenser Story

FilmDispenser.com grew from the same mixture of love and need for visual adventure you experience. In the beginning, Spencer and Katy Howard started the blog LightsCameraLists.com as an outlet for their obsession. Their passion later grew into FilmDispenser.com, complete with the popular Film Dispenser Podcast Network and fun daily content.

Since then, we’ve completely reformulated our platform into this version of FilmDispenser.com and wield an experienced team of writers, critics, and podcasters. We’ll continue to grow and we’d love for you to be a part.

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  1. Ousainou Adeniyi

    Hello. I am a casual fan of yours. I got to know about your podcast when I came across it on iTunes during the 5th season of Game of Thrones.
    So back to my question….why no more Game of Thrones podcast reviews? Does it have to do with being over worked which led to some holds and drop offs or were you so fed of with the show after season 5 you quit. I personally hope it’s the former because season 6 was much better and in line with other seasons in the level of quality.

    • Adam Kautzer

      It was a lot of contributing factors but mainly it was the glut of other GOT Podcast Review shows. I’m still a MASSIVE fan and thought the 6th season was exactly what the show needed. Though I loved the methodical nature of the show but with only (at the time) three seasons left, it felt like a narrative hamster wheel. 6th quelled my issues with that, I know there were a lot of detractors stating that it lost it’s “unique Novel style approach” to TV. Well, I for one loved the narrative drive. I don’t want 19 seasons of The Walking De… I mean Game of Thrones. It’s not designed like that. All to say I’m having a great time watching as a Fan again but do occasionally miss Podcasting about it.

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